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Tienwei lies along the Choshui River basin and is in the form of a long pole. It stretches 9.75 km east and west and measures about 3.38 km across north and south. To the east , it borders Tunglin and Shetou ; on the west , it borders Hsihu and Pitou ; to the south Peitou and to the north Yungching. The total land area of the township is 24,375 sq. m. The administrative area is divided into 20 villages and 205 neighborhoods with 6,572 families and 28,796 people.

Our health station was established in August, 1949 as the Taichung County, Tienwei Township Health Station. In October 1950, after the county and city administrative areas were drawn up, we became the Changhua County Tienwei Township Health Station. The office building was completed on March 17, 1955 , at 179 Kungsuo Rd. , Jaoping Village , Tienwei Township , Changhua County .

Change of Location
On March 24, 1990, new offices were completed at 608, 2 nd Section, Kuangfu Rd., Jaoping Village, Tienwei Township, Changhua County.

On the 1 st floor is the physicians and outpatient center, which includes a registration room, diagnosis and treatment room, vaccination room, physical examination room, pharmacy, X-ray room and Ob - Gyn room.

On the 2 nd floor are staff offices, computer room, health education room and conference room, disinfection room, storage room and store room.

The 3 rd floor is the director's quarters.

Historical Background
1949, August: formal establishment, under jurisdiction of the Taichung County Institute of Public Health.

1950, October: after the division of Taiwan Province into county and city administrative areas, the health station is put under the Changhua County Institute of Public Health.

1955, March: health station offices completed and occupied.

1960: county and city institutes of public health are expanded into bureaus of health.

1990, March: new offices completed.

1990: group practice center beg a n.

1993: the Tienwei Township Committee for the Promotion of Community Health is established.

1996: computerization of data on clinic, preventive health care and management.

1999, June: the Executive Yuan's Research, Development and Evaluation Commission allocated funds and provided computers with Windows software for Internet access and e-mail.

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